Music City

Nashville, Tennessee. 20th - 24th June 2018. Being the patently naive and overly romantic humans that we are, Will and I are guilty of holding an image of Nashville which can best be described as out of touch. With our heads full of notions of struggling artists in swing door honky tonks, filling the dusty …

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Through a car window

Atlanta, Georgia. 19th June 2018. Atlanta wasn’t exactly in the plan, but an ill thought through and marginally terrifying stopover in a seedy Jacksonville motel had us seeking out a nicer place to lay our heads on the way up to Nashville. A little late night and desperate Airbnb searching bagged us a little gem of a …

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Watson Fothergill Office, Nottingham

I'm re-posting this as the old one keeps disappearing.. strange internet things I don't understand. However, I'm sure you'd love another opportunity to read... A little while ago I had the pleasure of working on this beautiful Grade II listed building in the heart of Nottingham City Centre. The building was designed by Watson Fothergill, an …

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